Rivercrest Golf Club & PreserveA Private Club... That's Different.

Throughout the season, the RiverCrest Dining Rooms host great meals, birthday celebrations, anniversary dinners and those memorable last minute evening dinners out!

All of our dining options are complemented by our superb food and service. Our culinary team has raised the standard on private club dining, putting RiverCrest first with a diverse roster of Member favorites, a unique dedication to weekly specials, and a delicious menu of tapas, seafood, meat and great specialty dishes. Our chefs provide the Membership with seasonal variety and the freshest ingredients available on the market.

Our Dining Room and Bar provides a casual dining experience while maintaining a country club atmosphere.

Each and every day, the staff at RiverCrest prepares to give its Members the best possible dining service and experience. We will remember your name and always do our best to keep you coming back for our great food and personal service.